After communicating with all the summer camps in Milne Inlet, scoping from the top of Bruce Head hill, scanning from the drifting boat for several days, we finally found big ponds of narwhals in Tremblay Sound today! What a tough-to-spot animal: you can barely see the spout at the surface, the skin is more or less grey and the big distinctive male tusk isn’t as visible as you’d think! No wonder why they are hard to find in more than 5 knots wind!Narwhal at Razorback Point

The film crew was on deck for several hours today, in great weather, as we positioned Tern close to the animals: males with tusks, females, calves, some really dark, some grey or white ones. We spent all day with them. As the light became too dark for filming, we start heading for Pond Inlet overnight for the film crew to be able to switch cameras with another boat. A wonderful day of discovery.Film crew

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