As we were at anchor in Guy’s Bight, sea ice pieces started drifting into our little sheltered bay. More and more ice, and the pressure on our anchor chain began to build. Eventually, we had to let go our anchor and our chain and drift in the ice for few hours! What a weird sensation to be iced in with your only “link” to the firm ground gone down, the end hopefully floating after one of our big red buoy. Two polar bears and a dog were our closest companions!Stuck in ice

The coast guard vessel Des Groseilliers came to anchor next to us and gave us a lot of precious information on weather, ice, etc… as well as a potential great backup plan in case…   Once the ice drifted away and was less packed, we recovered our anchor. How nice! As both the Des Groseilliers and us were heading to Pond Inlet, we almost got a private escort for the last 25 miles!Des Groseilliers escort

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