Following the orcas…

Once we got to Pond Inlet and managed to get our film crew back on board (they come with a lot of gear!), as well as the refueling/groceries done and the boat all ready, we waited to hear from the orcas… In fact, earlier in the month, a scientific team managed to put satellite tags on some of the killer whales we have seen, and thanks to them, we received several times a day GPS positions for the animals so we are able to “follow” them. Once we were ready to leave, it seems like the orcas had decided to switch inlets! From Milne Inlet to Admiralty Inlet further West, a 30 hour trip for Arctic Tern! There is another community there, Arctic Bay, that offers a nice sheltered anchorage in case of strong winds.Arctic Bay

Oh yeah, here’s something important: winter is coming! In the last few days, we had snow, cold rain, -4 degrees Celsius in the morning, and strong very cold wind from the North! So from a very warm stopover in Pond Inlet last week, all crew wearing T-shirts, we now have all our winter gear out, each of us trying to find the perfect fit for spending 3 hours outside at the helm. It has been quite a shock, as the ice left late in the area, we had hoped that summer would stay a bit longer.Snow on the hills

Another clue that summer is nearing its end: gale warnings. We had few days of strong winds lately and it seems to be the start of the gale warnings around us, typical of the fall. So far so good for us. With bad weather on top of us, we managed to find sheltered spots and wait at anchor, watching the mountains becoming white during a snow storm on August 21st!Winter gear

We are now close to Arctic Bay, in Admiralty Inlet, looking for killer whales and narwhals again. Kieran and Justin are aboard, but Ben has had to leave us for another film project. We’ll miss you Ben, but we’ll find those Orcas for you!

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