Downtime aboard a boat, especially when forced by conditions, is a time for chores and reflection. So this week, as we sit in beautiful Lewisporte awaiting the ice to clear enough that we can reach our leaping-off point of Twillingate, we’re catching up on a few last minute boat projects. But mostly we’re dreaming of the summer ahead, of adventure, beauty, and contributions to the missions of Arctic Tern, Students on Ice, and our partners.

Graham May is already aboard, and getting ready for his work in communities along the western Greenlandic coast, and the east coast of Baffin Island.  Focussing on the social conditions in those communities and especially the conditions for children and youth, Graham’s work will support Arctic Children and Youth Foundation’s Building on Strength online forum, teaching Inuit youth internet skills and coordinating training events at the Iqaluit Youth Center. You can follow Graham’s own blog here. No, Graham, you will not spend the entire voyage in that hammock!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once we arrive in Pond Inlet – in other words, as soon as the ice allows us to make the crossing from Greenland – we will be joined by representatives of our longstanding partner the Canadian Wildlife Service. This year, CWS will be conducting important seabird research at the nesting colonies of Cape Graham Moore – the southern most tip of Bylot Island. Remember CWS’s seabird project at the same Cape last year? This year, we will return to the same colony to recover the bands we applied last year. Hopefully these will tell CWS where the birds migrated to over the winter! In addition, we will install GPS-enabled bands to track the daily movements of the birds over a two week period.Catching Mures

And in August we will be joined by Oceans North Canada for a 10-day filmmaking camp with Inuit youth from Pond Inlet.  Award-winning filmmakers will work with youth on stories from the Lancaster Sound region. This small team will also work together on post-production to create meaningful videos for both northern and southern Canadian audiences. Main themes of this project will include:

  • The relationship between the community and the sea.
  • How maritime knowledge is shared in the community and between generations.
  • What makes the Lancaster Sound region unique and why community members fought so hard to protect it.
  • How are traditional stories about Lancaster Sound kept alive.Justin filming from Zodiac


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