So the last week has been busy! Heavy ice trapped us in Guy’s Bight (see our last blog) and kept us sleepless. Windy weather, and a Coast Guard escort through the ice to Pond Inlet. Now, crew change! Sailing to Pond Inlet

The windy conditions started the day we arrived in Pond Inlet, but died down the next day. This made the crew change easier. We bid adieu to our friend and crewmate Samuel, and welcomed the Wild Canada team (Justin Maguire and Ben Wallis) aboard. World-class film-making takes a lot of gear … Tern has never seen more pelican cases! This is important and sensitive stuff; Wild Canada is here to capture footage of the Orca of the eastern Arctic.

You will not believe the first project for these guys: building a platform on the foredeck in order to secure their big Cineflex camera. So now, we have a big camera (bigger than a bowling ball!) up at the bow, a remote for it in the cockpit and a team scanning for wildlife 24 hours a day! We are now heading for Milne Inlet for the next 5 weeks in pursuit of Orca. We’re optimistic: After being kissed by a polar bear, the Arctic Tern 1 will certainly be as attractive for killer whales!

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