Arctic Tern I is currently scheduling research and media projects for the 2015 season and is also for sale.

About Arctic Tern I

Registered in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, Arctic Tern I is a polar expedition sailboat – strong, safe, nimble, and equipped to go just about anywhere. At 47 feet and with a retractable and shoal draft keel (draws only 1.2m with keel up), she is versatile, cost-effective, nimble and flexible – able to access coastal areas that are hazardous to the navigation of traditional Arctic expedition craft.

Designed and built in 1993 specifically for polar work, she has safely voyaged in high latitudes, both in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Her steel hull and full complement of modern navigation and telecommunications gear make her a tough, reliable, and safe platform for just about anything. She is an expedition craft, tough and functional but comfortable.

Students on Ice had taken her to Greenland and the Eastern Canadian Arctic in the last 3 years, supporting scientific and film projects in the North and accommodating up to 7 people onboard. Although ideal for the type of work we were doing up to now, we are selling her to invest in a larger vessel that will be more suitable for our future projects with groups of students.

Visit the For Sale page to learn more.

If you are interested in commissioning Arctic Tern I for your project or in further sale information please contact:

Geoff Green

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