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In the summer of 2014, Arctic Tern will focus on the ocean waters near Pond Inlet – Milne Inlet, Eclipse Sound, and Lancaster Sound. These waters are known for the richness of their biodiversity, and they are critical for the local communities. This work will support the advancement of the Marine Protected Area in Lancaster Sound and will provide an ecological baseline in advance of proposed activities of the Baffinland Mary River mine.

Our journey to the Arctic will bring together an inspiring international team of scientists, explorers, educators, filmmakers and polar experts. Team members will work together to create positive energy and synergies in a safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and versatile platform for education, research and media projects in the Arctic.

This year’s mission kicks off in June 2013. Keep coming back here for the latest Arctic Tern I progress blogs!

Arctic Tern Blog

  • Warm Welcome in Sisimiut (As Always)

    Over the years, Students on Ice has developed a very warm relationship with the people and community of Sisimiut. That warmth has been extended, to our great gratitude, to Arctic Tern and this year was no exception. Earlier today, we found ourselves drifting with a pod of humpback whales. At least 20 of them dived...

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  • Exploring Beautiful Nuuk

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  • Arrival in Nuuk!

    Winds southwest, a gale of 40+ knots. Thank goodness we’re in the harbour! Arrival in Nuuk was nothing if not spectacular. All day we’d been nearing the strange blue lumps on the horizon. What could they be, that didn’t move in a world of perpetual motion? Sweet southern winds sped our passage, but the sea...

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  • Bound for Greenland, Day 6

    Winds northwest, 8 knots. Good visibility, partly cloudy, and cold.
57˚48’ N, 51˚28’ W at noon We have seen no boats for three days, but it’s nice to know we’re still not the largest thing sailing these seas. A blue whale just passed us, lazily surfacing its elegant back, which alone outstripped our 47-foot yacht. The...

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  • Bound for Greenland, Day 5

    Winds southeast, 17 knots. Excellent visibility and clear skies. This morning my watch began at 3am, and we witnessed a yellow crescent moonrise closely followed by a golden sunrise. Every day now, the sun rises 30 minutes or so earlier, and tonight for the first time, it was never truly dark. We are past the solstice, but our...

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