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In the summer of 2014, Arctic Tern will focus on the ocean waters near Pond Inlet – Milne Inlet, Eclipse Sound, and Lancaster Sound. These waters are known for the richness of their biodiversity, and they are critical for the local communities. This work will support the advancement of the Marine Protected Area in Lancaster Sound and will provide an ecological baseline in advance of proposed activities of the Baffinland Mary River mine.

Our journey to the Arctic will bring together an inspiring international team of scientists, explorers, educators, filmmakers and polar experts. Team members will work together to create positive energy and synergies in a safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and versatile platform for education, research and media projects in the Arctic.

This year’s mission kicks off in June 2013. Keep coming back here for the latest Arctic Tern I progress blogs!

Arctic Tern Blog

  • Arctic Tern at Winterlude!

    While Arctic Tern rests quietly in Newfoundland, getting ready for another busy season, her reputation and stories will be featured in the Nation’s Capital! This year will be the 36th edition of Winterlude, Ottawa/Gatineau’s world famous festival of everything fun about a Canadian winter.  For three fun-filled weeks from January 31 to February 17, 2014 locals and visitors...

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  • Winter Ashore

    At the end of a long and tiring season (albeit fun and successful), nothing could have been better than the warm reception we received in Lewisporte, Newfoundland. Lewisporte is quickly becoming a key staging harbour for yachts on their way to and from the eastern Arctic. We arrived there after a foggy and nerve-wracking passage...

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  • Southbound!

    Well, the end of the season is here.

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  • The Whales of the Admiralty

    In the last few days, we’ve covered a lot of water in Admiralty Inlet.  We headed south from Arctic Bay, along the western shore and all the way to the bottom.  Back north again and finally west inside Moffet and Fleming Inlets. All the while looking for orcas and narwhal – our objective is to...

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  • Following the Orcas!

    Following the orcas… Once we got to Pond Inlet and managed to get our film crew back on board (they come with a lot of gear!), as well as the refueling/groceries done and the boat all ready, we waited to hear from the orcas… In fact, earlier in the month, a scientific team managed to...

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