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In the summer of 2014, Arctic Tern will focus on the ocean waters near Pond Inlet – Milne Inlet, Eclipse Sound, and Lancaster Sound. These waters are known for the richness of their biodiversity, and they are critical for the local communities. This work will support the advancement of the Marine Protected Area in Lancaster Sound and will provide an ecological baseline in advance of proposed activities of the Baffinland Mary River mine.

Our journey to the Arctic will bring together an inspiring international team of scientists, explorers, educators, filmmakers and polar experts. Team members will work together to create positive energy and synergies in a safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and versatile platform for education, research and media projects in the Arctic.

This year’s mission kicks off in June 2013. Keep coming back here for the latest Arctic Tern I progress blogs!

Arctic Tern Blog

  • Icebound in Guy’s Bight!

    As we were at anchor in Guy’s Bight, sea ice pieces started drifting into our little sheltered bay. More and more ice, and the pressure on our anchor chain began to build. Eventually, we had to let go our anchor and our chain and drift in the ice for few hours! What a weird sensation to be iced...

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  • Bird Banding at Cape Graham Moore

    It was an early morning start, as usual. But this morning was particularly exciting: we had good weather to head to shore at Cape Graham Moore, Bylot Island. Our mission was to band twenty thick-billed murres (Uria lomvia). But before we could achieve the day’s goal, we first had to find a good landing spot...

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  • Pourquoi sommes-nous ici?

    Les voiliers ne passent pas par hasard dans les regions arctiques. Plusieurs raisons peuvent nous conduire par ici : faire du charter avec des touristes, tenter un passage du Nord-Ouest, mener des projets de recherche ou juste aimer particulièrement naviguer dans ces eaux polaires. Cela prend du temps et des moyens de préparer un bateau...

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  • Why we’re here …

    This - understanding the biodiversity of the marine ecology of the eastern Arctic - is why we're here.

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  • Skippers Log: The Challenges & Beauty of Sea Ice

    For polar sailors sea ice is one thing that draws us to these latitudes, but it is also something that constantly occupies a mariners mind – ice is solid, and unlike land it moves position, you can’t always see it on the radar, and a certain ill-fated large ship always comes to mind (think Di...

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