The Arctic is a deeply essential part of Canada and Canadians. It is embedded in our psyche and character. It illuminates our history, and is a cornerstone of our future. It is a homeland, wilderness, frontier, laboratory, and classroom. It is on the frontlines of global climate change and as a result is a new focal point of our economy and geopolitics. It faces a perfect storm of challenge and opportunities. Just as it has shaped us, we are beginning to shape it. It is a changing Arctic.

As the Northwest Passage becomes a commercial proposition, our need to protect its oceans grows. As Arctic mining deepens, so does our need to protect its land. As oil and gas exploration accelerates, so will our need to understand and protect Arctic communities. The Government of Canada has identified the health of Arctic peoples and ecology as essential to Arctic sustainable development.

Sustainable development of the Canadian North starts with a strong understanding of the North, and this is where Arctic Tern I plays an important role. Arctic Tern I will contribute uniquely both to understanding and celebration of the Canadian Arctic. On our five year mission, we will study and document the biodiversity of the oceans of the Eastern Arctic Ocean. We will carry experts, scientists, film-makers, and Inuit guides. We will deliver data to the local communities, the science community, and narrative to Canadians. Arctic Tern I will be a platform for Inuit partners to assess, mitigate, and adapt to changes affecting their communities, culture and lifestyles. In our way, we will contribute to the sustainability of the changing Arctic.

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Sea Ice and Ocean Currents

Ocean Currents and Circulation

Polar Feasts

Formation of Glacial Valleys

Permafrost and Temperature Changes

Optimal Foraging

What is Community?

What Will Be the Future of the Arctic?

Web Resource on Human-Environment Relationships in the Arctic

Up the Food Chain: Pollution in the Arctic

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