Collaborative study and learning in Canada's polar ocean.

Between 2013 and 2018, Arctic Tern I will be on expedition in the Canadian eastern Arctic, working with our Inuit and other partners to complete a biodiversity assessment of critical and changing Arctic environments.

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World Wildlife Federation

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Canada Goose Arctic Program

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A Changing Arctic Learn more about the Arctic

The Arctic is a deeply essential part of Canada and Canadians. It is embedded in our psyche and character. It illuminates our history, and is a cornerstone of our future. It is a homeland, wilderness, frontier, laboratory, and classroom. It is on the frontlines of global climate change and as a result is a new…

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  • 2015 Season & Sale Info

      Arctic Tern I is currently scheduling research and media projects for the 2015 season and is also for sale. About Arctic Tern I Registered in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, Arctic Tern I is a polar expedition sailboat – strong, safe, nimble, and equipped to go just about anywhere. At 47 feet and with a retractable...

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  • 23 September – Sailing South

    As the saying goes, “there are old sailors and bold sailors, but not many old, bold sailors”. And so it’s with this maritime adage in mind that we formed our strategy for the voyage south this year. For the two previous trips south, in 2012 and 2013, from South Baffin Island to South Labrador, we...

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  • August 19th – Going home…

    We had been with Oceans North for a week. We had seen wildlife, gone on hikes and visited many camps where local Inuit hunt during the short Arctic Summer. The days were becoming shorter. Fall was coming. We could feel it in the air. It was now time to head back home. Grant and Sam...

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